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The CIDS program (Connector Identification & Selection) was developed to support and assist our customers in their connector requirements.

CIDS information is free for Spacecraft Components customers and subscribers, with limited access to everyone else.

The following is how User Access is defined in CIDS.

Customers and Subscribers:
A customer is defined as someone, who in the past 12 months, has purchased at least $1,000.00.
A subscriber is someone who has paid the annual subscription rate.
If you are a customer or subscriber and would like to use a g-mail, hotmail, yahoo etc. address, please contact a sales representative.

Potential Customers:
If you are not a customer, and have never used CIDS before, please register, and then you will have full access to CIDS fo the next 14 days*. After the 14th day you will have limited access to CIDS. Your free subscription will be valid for one year after which you will have to re-register.

*You must have a verifiable email address.

Please contact for subscription inquiries.

Further Help for Identifying Connectors:

All the information contained in CIDS is covered in the Encyclopedia of Connectors.
Volume I Multi-pin Cylindrical Connectors
Volume V Accessories
Volume VI Contacts and Tools

These volumes also contain additional information not found in CIDS such as:
1) Sources of Supply
2) Other Military Specification Connector series
3) Connector manufacturers' data
4) Modification codes of manufacturers

For information on the Encyclopedia of Connectors visit our web site