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CIDS is available to our customers. It contains information, data, drawings, etc. on connectors, accessories, contacts and tools that Spacecraft sells and provides a cross-reference to other vendors and part numbers. Also included is data on military specification parts that we do not sell.

This free version is not available to connector manufacturers, dealers or distributors unless they are customers.

For new/potential/current users we offer a free 60 day use of this website. If the user becomes a customer or requests a quotation from our company they will remain a user for a additional 60 days. At the end of the 60 days (1st or 2nd), the user account will be reviewed for continuing access to the CIDS program and database.

Spacecraft Components reserves the right to disable/delete, without any prior notice, any account with invalid E-mail/Identification information or for abuse of the system.
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